Please email any club officer with feedback or questions regarding the 
Evergreen Lotus Car Club or this website.

Chair: Dave Ellis
Membership: Patrick Maruska
Treasurer: Doug Jackson
Newsletter Editor: Dan Morrison
Web Page: Robert Vets
Classifieds: Dan Morrison


Past Officers
The ELCC members thank the following past officers for their invaluable volunteer service.

YearChairNewsletterMembershipTreasurer WebAnnual Holiday Party Host
2012 Doug Jackson Grad Conn Alan Perry Gary Holt Robert Vets The Jackson's
2011 Robert Vets Andy Keck Don Christopher
2009 Mark Sterner
2007 Andy Keck Alan Perry Jim Taylor Dave Billings The Ochs'
2006Mark ClearThe Conti's
2005Tom Miller
2004The Billings'
2003Andre SamsonAndre SamsonThe Conti's
2002Dan Morrison / Alan PerryMark Clear
2001Dave BillingsCraig ShuckThe Marker's
1999Mike GalosSteve Shipley
1997Randall FehrJim TaylorAlice Larson
1996The Schuck's
1995    N/A 
1993Ken RichinsSusan HagamanJim Taylor 
1992Bob CrichtonJim TaylorThe Keefer's
1991Nikki Daniels
1990John Daniels
1989Gary WoodN/A
1988The Keefer's
1987Terry Elmore(Club Founder)Terry ElmoreTerry ElmoreN/A
1986Dave Larson
1984Terry Elmore


Web Site Contributors

Web Site Contributors:
Dave Billings, David Caley, Mark Clear, Randall Fehr, Sean Lane, Tom Miller, Dan Morrison, Alan Perry, Andre Gene Samson, Jim Taylor, Andy Keck, Don Christopher